Nopa Batterie Notstromtreiber HV 6,6W

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  • LG60054
  • Input Current: AC 220-240VV, 50/60Hz
  • IP Code: 20
  • Housing Color: white
  • Warranty: 5 years

IP Code

IP 20

mounting type


5 years

Universal emergency driver/switch for LED luminairies with battery pack    ... more
Product information "Nopa Batterie Notstromtreiber HV 6,6W"
Universal emergency driver/switch for LED luminairies with battery pack
In combination with a Litegear® NoPa Kit, you can build luminaire with battery-assisted emergency lighting function suitable for constant-current LED luminairies or panels. NoPa is available in 2 versions: LV version (Low Voltage) for drivers with an output voltage of 10-55V DC or an HF version (High Voltage) for lamps with a supply voltage of 50-300V DC, as well as 3.3W and 6.6W output power. The NoPa kit is used between the LED driver and the light source. In the event of a power failure, the internal diverter automatically switches to battery-powered emergency light function with a power of 3,3W to 6.6W. The emergency power operation is guaranteed for at least 3 hours.
The light switch can continue to be used as before.Nopa is equipped with an automatic self-test function. The system carries out weekly functional tests and a long-term test once a year. An external LED displays the status of the device. At present manual tests can be carried out by means of a push-button. The LiFePo4 battery pack is included.
  • compact dimensions
  • low standby power consumption only 0.8W
  • Long battery life >5 years
Suitable for supplementing the following LED luminaires with constant current drivers.
Recessed and surface mounted lights. LED panels, damp-proof lights, light-line systems, low-bay lights, floodlights
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Technical Details:
Input Current: AC 220-240VV, 50/60Hz
Input Driver: terminal
Output of Driver: DC 50-300V, abh. von AusgangsspannungmA
Input Lamp: terminal
Electrical Protection Class: II
Ambient Temperature (TA): 0°C - 45°C
Storage Temperature: 0°C - 50°C
Montageart: recessed
IP Class: 20
Housing Color white
Housing Material: Polycarbonat
Special Feature of Housing: nur zum Einbau geeignet
Testing Facility: automatischer Selbsttest
Forward Voltage Range: 50-300V
Battery Warranty: 3
Discharge Duration: ≥3 h
Battery Type: LiFePo4
Battery Current: 5000 mA
Battery Charge Duration: 8 h
Initial Charge Duration: 16 h
Charging Power Consumption: 9 W
Battery Cell Quantity 2
Safety Standards: DIN EN 60598-2-22, DIN EN 62034: 2012, Anforderung nach DIN EN 50172
Type of Packaging: box
Product Line: Advance Line
Warranty 5 years
Disposal Obligation: ja
Customs Tariff Number: 9405409990
Certifications CE,RoHS,EMC,LVD,Reach
Spannungsumschaltbereich: 130 - 170V AC <1 s
Umschaltweiche für CC Treiber
autom. wöchentlicher und jährlicher Selbsttest
green/rede Status LED +Testknopf
h h