BEG Aufputz Präsenzmelder PD4-M-DALI/DSI-GH

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  • 7000540
  • Dimensions: 101x76 mm


(ØxH) in mm

Part No. 93015   Product Information   DALI occupancy detector... more
Product information "BEG Aufputz Präsenzmelder PD4-M-DALI/DSI-GH"
Part No. 93015
Product Information
  • DALI occupancy detector for surface mounting in large mounting heights
  • External telescopic light sensor for a mounting height between 5 and 16m (mechanically adjustable) for measuring the light according to the application.
  • DALI / DSI interface for control of digital dimmable electronic ballasts as a group
  • Version as Master device
  • Extension of the detection area with slave devices possible
  • Manual switching and dimming via push button possible
  • Additional functions can be set up using the optional remote control.
  • Logical switching or control output
  • Permanent or time-limited orientation light
  • There are markings for adjusting the detector
  • When used in high-bay warehouses, care should be taken that, in the cross-aisles of the warehouse, detectors are installed that can detect movement only in the desired aisle locations, by using blinds or other technical arrangements.
  • Factory settings 10 min and 500 lux
  • Application examples: monitoring of warehouses, high-bay storages , wherever at a great mounting height is necessary.
Technical Data
110 - 240 V AC 50 / 60 Hz
Ø 101 x 76 mm
typ. power input:
4 mA
Power consumption:
0.9 W
Detection area:
vertical 360° oval
max. Ø 44 m across
max. Ø 30 m towards
Monitored area (tangential movement):
450 m² / 14 m Mounting height
Mounting height min./max./recommended:
5 m / 16 m / 14 m
Degree / class of protection:
IP54 / Class II
Ambient temperature:
-25 °C to +50 °C
Polycarbonate, UV-resistant
Channel 1 (lighting control)
DALI output:
up to 50 DALI / DSI-EB
Follow-up time:
1 min - 30 min
Orientation light:
5 - 100 % / 1 min - 120 min / ∞ 
Brightness set value:
10 - 2500 Lux
Mixed light measuring
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Technical Details:
Dimensions: 101x76 mm
Net Weight: 300 g
Weight incl. Packaging: 0.245 kg
Barcode: 4007529930159
Technische Details s. Beschreibung