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  • LG5984
  • Power Draw: 2 W
  • Input Current: AC 230V, 50Hz
  • IP Code: 65
  • Housing Color: white
  • Warranty: 2 years

Power Draw

2 W

IP Code

IP 65

mounting type


2 years

Microwave motion sensor for great hights   MWS-800 is a innovative microwave... more
Product information "MWS-800"
Microwave motion sensor for great hights
MWS-800 is a innovative microwave motion sensor from Litegear®. This product use Doppler principle and advanced spectrum analysis technology, it can detect  moving object accurately. Compared with infrared detecting product,it has the feature of strong anti-interference, no false alarm, etc. This product has photosensitizer inducer which can adjust the brightness of light( make sure the light has the dimming function first).
The Litegear® MWS-800 can not only detect human beings, it detects vehivles as well. It's working frequency is 5.8GHz with only 0,5mW detection signal. It can be installed in hights up to 15m and in wet areas due to IP65 standard.
The max. detection range is 15 x 16m. The 1-10V signal output can dimm suitable LED driver. Adjustable low level light in Stand-by mode. Maximum inductive load of 800W.
The lights can be switched off or dimmed in 5 steps from 5 seconds to max. 60 minutes. Brightness detection can be adjusted from 50-200Lux.
1. Automatic dimming when used in combination with 1-10V dimmable LED drivers or ballasts.
2. Built-in adjustable daylight sensor.1-10V interface can match up with Merrytek stand-alone daylight sensor MS01 and achieve daylight harvesting.
3. Detection area, time delay and daylight threshold can be precisely set via DIP switch.
4. Wide detection area, range up to 16m in diameter and mounting height 10M Max.
5. suitable for high bay because of metal reflector clip.
6. Dimming function or on off function
  • Indoor and outdoor
  • Warehouse
  • Car service
  • Corridor
  • Parking lot
Technical details:
Operating voltage: 120-277Vac, 50Hz
Rated load: 800W(inductive), 1200W (resistive)
HF system: 5.8GHz&plusm;75MHz, ISM wave band
Power consumption: ≤(standby), <1W(operation)
Transmitting power: <0.5mW
Detection zone Max.(D x H): 16m x 15m
Motion detection: 0.5~3m/s
Detection angle: 150°(wall installation) 360°(ceiling installation)
IP rating: IP65
Operation  Temperature:  -35℃℃
Hold time: 5s/30s/90s/3min/20min/30min
Detection sensitivity: 10% / 25% / 50% / 75% / 100%
Daylight sensor: 50lux / 100lux / 200lux / Disable
Stand-by period: 5s / 5min / 10min / 30min / 1h / Disable
Stand-by dimming level: 10% / 20% / 30%/ 50%
Life time up to 50000hours
max. installation hight: <10m
MWS-800 can not be used behind metal covers!
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Technical Details:
Dimmable: ja
Method of Dimming: 1-10V
Input Current: AC 230V, 50Hz
Power Consumption: 2 W
Switching Cycles: >30.000
Ambient Temperature (TA): -20°C - 45°C
Montageart: surface mounted
IP Class: 65
Housing Color white
Housing Material: plastic
Special Feature of Housing: Screw threading
Product Line: Advance Line
Warranty 2 years
Operating Hours: >50.000 h
Disposal Obligation: ja
Certifications CE,RoHS,EMC,LVD
Barcode: 4250557817132
Microwellen Bewegungsmelder mit 1-10V Ausgang
Einstellbarer Erfassungsbereich, Nachlaufzeit
justierbare Resthelligkeit, Stand-by 10-30%
Bis 10m Höhe einsetzbar