E-Vista HCL Skywindow Frame 120/60

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  • LG41149
  • IP Code: 20
  • Housing Color: white
  • Warranty: 3 years

IP Code

IP 20

ceiling, wall

mounting type


3 years

E-Vista - Electronic HCL sky window Human Centric Light for light therapy  ... more
Product information "E-Vista HCL Skywindow Frame 120/60"
E-Vista - Electronic HCL sky window
Human Centric Light for light therapy
The Litegear® E-Vista HCL System is one of the first Artificial Skylights with Biologically Effective Incandescent Light:
more well-being, more motivation and increased concentration and performance
Today, it is clear that light not only serves visual needs, but also has emotional and biological effects on humans. Modern lighting concepts therefore take into account not only the visual but also the non-visual lighting effects and promote the well-being, mood and health of the person.
Humans are at the center of the lighting concept (Human Centric Lighting, HCL for short).
E-Vista supplements the natural need for daylight in rooms with insufficient sunlight. E-Vista promotes the metabolism, the melatonin balance, the vitality of humans and prevents sleep disorders. The interplay of changing, dynamic light colors in combination with strong, bundled beams of light simulates the impression of natural sunlight entering through a window. E-Vista supports the recovery process in depressed and bedridden people with limited mobility or promotes concentration and performance among students or people in offices and administration. With the help of an automatic controller, E-Vista recreates the natural daylight rhythm of sunlight and thus corresponds with our Circadian system.
Ceiling frame, build on for E-Vista 120*60cm.
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Technical Details:
Ambient Temperature (TA): -10°C - 40°C
Mounting: ceiling,wall
Montageart: surface mounted
IP Class: 20
Housing Color white
Housing Material: aluminum
Special Feature of Housing: Aufbaurahmen build on
Net Weight: 9451 g
Type of Packaging: box
Dimensions of Packaging: 1390x210x770
Weight incl. Packaging: 14.5 kg
Content Master Package: 1
Dimensions of Master Package: 1390x210x770 mm
Weight Master Package: 14,5 kg
Product Line: Premio Line
Warranty 3 years
Disposal Obligation: ja
Customs Tariff Number: 9405409990
Certifications CE
Barcode: 4250557812458
HCL Human Centric Light 2500-10000 Kelvin
Dimmbar und CCT Farbveränderbar über Fernbedienung
Therapie Licht / Therapy Light
Deckenaufbaurahmen 120+60cm
h h