BEG Aufputz Präsenzmelder PD2-S-AP

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  • 7000545
  • Dimensions: 98x50 mm


(ØxH) in mm

Part No. 92152   Product Information   Slave device detector... more
Product information "BEG Aufputz Präsenzmelder PD2-S-AP"
Part No. 92152
Product Information
  • Slave device detector with circular detection area
  • For extending the detection area of a Master device
  • Trigger pulse to master device upon detected movement independent of the ambient light level
  • Compatible with all Master devices except: PD4-M-DS-FC, 11-48V units, PD9-M-SDB, PD4-M-DAA4G, Indoor 140-L, PD2N-M-1C-LED
  • Typical applications:
  Offices, conference rooms, schools, nursery schools, hospitals
Technical Data
110 - 240 V AC 50 / 60 Hz
SM= Ø 98 x 50 mm
FM= Ø 98 x 65 mm
FC= Ø 80 x 85 mm
Power consumption:
approx. 0.2 W
Detection area:
vertical 360°
max. Ø 10 m across
max. Ø 6 m towards
max. Ø 4 m seated
Monitored area (tangential movement):
79 m² / 2.5 m Mounting height
Mounting height min./max./recommended:
2 m / 5 m / 2.5 m
Degree / class of protection:
SM= IP20 / Class II
FM= IP20 / Class II
FC= IP20 / Class II
Ambient temperature:
-25 °C to +50 °C
Polycarbonate, UV-resistant
Pulse interval:
2 or 9 sec
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Technical Details:
Dimensions: 98x50 mm
Net Weight: 198 g
Weight incl. Packaging: 0.261 kg
Barcode: 4007529921522
Technische Details s. Beschreibung