Alwetra - In Any Wind and Weather

Alwetra is the first weatherproof LED linear light system from Litegear®. The system has a fully modular structure and consists of luminaire modules, blind modules, sensor modules and battery-based emergency light modules. The individual modules can be connected to each other electrically and mechanically by "plug and play" solution. In addition, a metal clip is attached to ensure a secure and stable junction. Thanks to the simple installation, a complex linear lighting system can be set up in a short time.




The through-wiring is done via 7-wire connectors with 5 x 2.5mm² and 2 x 1.5mm² cabling for dimming via an analog 0-10V signal. A protected phase selector switch is located in the luminaire module, which can be used to select the pickup of one of the three current phases present.

The output power of the electronic ballast can be adjusted from 30 Watts to 47 Watts using small DIP switches under a protective cover. In this way users can adapt the light output to their personal demands even without using the dimming function. 


Alwetra is classified according to the IP65 standard and thus completely protected against the ingress of dust and water jets. It also withstands massive impacts up to 20 joules according to the IK10 standard. 


Parking garage, cold storage, warehouse, carpentry, production, waste sorting, food production, under canopies, loading zones, green house and plant area in hardware stores.


Each LED module can be dimmed via the integrated 0-10V interface. For example, via daylight sensors that monitor a desired light level and adjust the light level of the luminaires according to changing daylight conditions. This saves valuable energy and CO2 on bright days.

Alwetra can also be switched on and off and dimmed using sensors. For example, shelf lighting with the desired permanent brightness of 10-30% can easily be realized. Alwetra is the perfect solution for cold stores or small parts warehouses.

Optionally, the Alwetra series can be expanded to include suitable single-battery lights that automatically provide escape route lighting for 3 hours in the event of a power failure. In this application way the L1 phase serves as a monitoring and charging current line for the battery modules.



The sensor modules and emergency light modules have a length of 50cm. In combination with 100cm blank modules, they result again in a system length of 150cm like the general modules.

We generally offer this lighting system in the light color 4000 Kelvin (neutral white). Optionally, we can also produce LED modules in alternative light colors such as warm white or daylight on a project basis. The luminaires are available from stock with a beam angle of 120° as a wide flood variant or with reflectors with a beam angle of 90°. On request, we also offer other beam angles for larger installation heights in 45° or 60° as well as more powerful versions up to 75W and a luminous flux up to 10500 lumens.

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