The Art of Diversity

Artea: one platform, numerous variants - one clever system

The Artea family of lights is based on a modular platform with numerous expansion options.

Artea offers real added value in terms of innovations and clever solutions. We offer this surface-mounted luminaire in 5 different versions. Regardless of whether as a light with a built-in motion sensor, with a battery emergency light function or as a standard light, they can all be controlled with a master/slave function and without a complex control signal.

Artea-LG31242-Text-f Each system luminaire has a modular, service-friendly structure. The light color can be switched between 3000 Kelvin (warm white) and 4000 Kelvin (neutral white) using an internal switch. The output power can also be adapted to your needs via power select DIP switches 10W, 15W and 23W (1100 to 2300 lumens). The housing is made of impact-resistant plastic with the highest protection class IK10 and is protected against ingress of dust and splash water in accordance with protection class IP44. Artea can therefore not only be used inside buildings in corridors, entrance hall, sanitary facilities and stairwells, but also outdoors.



The lights interact with each other via an additional switching line. For example, sensor lights can switch on additional passive lights when motion is detected. If the ambient light level is sufficient, the lighting group remains off when entering the room. In the dark, you can choose an orientation light function that provides a basic level of brightness all night and switches to full brightness when motion is detected. This creates security and at the same time reduces operating costs to a minimum. Equipped with an additional self-contained emergency light function, the Artea lights reliably show the way out of a building in the event of a power failure or a malfunction in the public power grid. Equipped with an automatic self-test, the surface-mounted lights always show their battery status and functionality. The LED lights automatically perform a function test every month and a long-term test once a year. The battery maintenance with a luminous flux of a maximum of 260 lumens is sufficient for 3 hours and with a special version (LG31242 E8) for accommodation facilities even for 8 hours. Due to the service-friendly structure, the long-life LiFePo4 batteries can be changed quickly and easily during maintenance. The luminaires can be easily wired in series using up to 6 different cable entries; all that is required is a 3 to 5-core cable. Artea impresses not only with its good efficiency and technical values, but also with its timeless, elegant design which is optimally integrated into the environment.



As a wall or ceiling luminaire with a homogeneous, wide beam angle for stairwells, hallways, sanitary areas, storage rooms, ancillary rooms, basements, on protected facades and canopies in the outdoor area

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