Varia-Style Wallwasher Tubus

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  • LG14318B
  • Housing Color: black
  • Dimensions: 99x111 mm
  • Warranty: 3 years


(ØxH) in mm


3 years

Modular LED track spotlight Wall washer snout   The Varia Tracklight from the... more
Product information "Varia-Style Wallwasher Tubus"
Modular LED track spotlight
Wall washer snout
The Varia Tracklight from the German manufacturer Litegear is probably the most innovative LED surface-mounted spotlight in the world. The modular, service-friendly design allows the reflector, the LED module and the LED driver to be replaced in seconds without tools. So you can change the LED chip color with a different light color afterwards or equip the reflector against one with a more optimal beam angle. After a long period of use, the internal ballasts often fail, even the user himself can replace the ballast by simply plugging them in, similar to battery pack a screwdriver. The power adjustment of the LED power supplies by means of small DIP switches is also brilliant. The power of the LED track lights can be adjusted in 4 stages: 28W, 32W, 36W, 42W! Hereby one achieves either maximum performance or achieves maximum power savings. Customers have the choice between 3 housing colors or different color combinations in which one can combine the reflector ring or the cover of the driver housing differently.
Varia is extremly variable!
Varia is assembled according to her personal configuration in Germany.
  • Changeable and adjustable LED Driver: 28-42W
  • Exchangeable LED COB module with the best quality of light and high efficiency: CRI> 80 or CRI> 90 with improved color rendering
  • Selectable light colors: 2700K, 3000K, 3500K, 4000K, 5700K, Gold for baked goods, Fresh Meat and Meat Plus for meat and sausage products, Exciting Color for fashion
  • long life: up to 50,000 hours L70
  • reflector exchangeable without tools: 15 °, 25 °, 36 °
  • 3-phase power adapter, compatible with all standard track rails
  • 3 Housing color available: white, gray, black or numerous combinations thereof
  • passive cooling, aluminum heat sink
  • modular design
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Technical Details:
Ambient Temperature (TA): -10°C - 40°C
Dimensions: 99x111 mm
Housing Color black
Housing Material: plastic
Net Weight: 67 g
Weight incl. Packaging: 0.069 kg
Dimensions of Master Package: 131x326x120 mm
Product Line: Premio Line
Warranty 3 years
Disposal Obligation: ja
Customs Tariff Number: 9405494000
Certifications CE
Barcode: 4250557820750
Gehäusering für Varia white
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Modularer Stromschienenstrahler für komplett werkzeuglosen Austausch aller Komponenten, mit Leistungsanpassung
Vorschaltgerät: nicht enthalten
Temperaturbereich: -10°C - 40°C
Maße: 99x111 mm
Außenfarbe: black
Gehäusematerial: plastic
Nettogewicht: 67 g
Garantie: 3 Jahre